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Thursdays: Donate for Donuts Day Starting in May!

Britne Gose | Published on 4/2/2022
If you missed the Village on the Hill (VOH) article in the March PML and Yosemite Express papers, 3 Benefits to Help Motivate Yourself to Volunteer, please visit (select Home and from the dropdown, select News). We wrote that article hoping we might bring in a few more volunteers from our community. Southside Community Connections (SCC) is in desperate need of volunteers. Without your help, we are unable to serve our community. SCC needs more than just volunteers, however. For one, we need members, those in which we serve. After 2 years of restricted activities, we are excited about providing additional services and programs and we are accepting new members for all our programs. Unfortunately, SCC cannot solely survive by simply having volunteers and members – SCC requires funds to continue functioning as a nonprofit in the Groveland area. SCC works continuously to bring in grants, organize fundraisers, network and partner with local businesses, and reach out to you, our neighbors, for donations. We are reaching out to you now and we think our proposal will make your mouth water!

Starting in May, come sink your teeth into a soft (but somehow chewy) donut every Thursday at The Little House located at 11699 Merrill Road in Groveland. Donate two dollars (or more?) and meet the village.

One donut not enough? Pre-order your donuts at least three days in advance by contacting Britne Gose at (209) 962-6906.

If the sign is out, the donuts are in!

We hope to see your friendly face starting May 5, 2022!